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Elon Musk jumps on the #deletefacebook bandwagon

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Following #deletefacebook challenge on Twitter, SpaceX organizer and CEO Elon Musk has deleted the Facebook pages for both SpaceX and Tesla.

The #deletefacebook development began getting mainstream a week ago after the news opened up to the world that Cambridge Analytica, a political counseling firm, was permitted by Facebook to take up the private information of as much as 50 million of its users. In a progression of answers that occurred on Twitter yesterday, Elon Musk took up the trial to delete both of his organizations, SpaceX and Tesla from Facebook. The discourse began as Elon commented about an organization’s choice to quit doing Facebook commercials for seven days.

Before long subsequently, in a Twitter thread discussion between Elon Musk and the Founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton of, Elon Musk was asked to delete the Facebook pages from Tesla and SpaceX.

Expressing his ignorance of any of these pages existed, Elon Musk rapidly responded to the call

Much amazingly, the Facebook pages of SpaceX and Tesla, both of which had around 2.5 million of like each, were brought down soon a while later.

When the Cambridge Analytica embarrassment ended up open, a gigantic kickback began spilling out against Facebook. The organization lost $60 Billion incentive in only 48 hours, while Mark Zuckerberg’s own total assets went around $9 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have a long history of taking a hit at each other. As of late, when Mark Zuckerberg said that Elon’s worries on AI have no grounds, Elon Musk struck back by saying that Mark has constrained information on the point. Elon Musk has talked about the dangers of Al technology and how it could impact the lives of people in the future. It should be noted that Facebook has been actively experimenting with Al technology for mainstream purpose.

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