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Enhancing Employee Health with Office Ergonomics

There are a variety of things office employees could be encouraged to do or be involved by office managers toward promoting good health and healthy habits among office employees. Office employees more often than not are required to sit at their workstations for hours and the consequences of sitting for long periods of time is anything but a good thing from a health perspective. Modern offices that are commanded by the younger generation (mostly millennials) however are more aware of this issue in comparison to their older counterpart.

It is due to this that most modern offices and large corporations make it compulsory under company policy to factor ergonomics  into the office environments by providing employees ergonomic office furniture such as ergonomic chairs and office desks among others to promote good posture and maintain long term physical and mental health.

When it comes to ergonomics, the ergonomic office chair is a primary element due to the fact that the chair also plays a role in maintaining good spine health which is essential towards good posture. The rule of the thumb is that a good office chair must provide employees with adequate lumbar support it is also advisable for employees to use an ergonomic foot rest to ensure proper blood circulation and also adjustable arm rests that prevents the shoulders from bearing to much strain.

Even with a good ergonomic office chair and desk, employees must be advised when they are typing or using pointing devices, their arms should not be resting on the arm rests and they should also keep the computer screen at eye level. Office managers may also implement rules such all employees should once in a while look away from their screens for a few seconds or stretch and walk about every now and then by offering ‘mini breaks’ every hour.

They should also be encouraged to hold their stomach muscles in when sitting as this would prevent them from slouching which exerts pressure on the employee’s neck and back. By increasing their awareness of their personal postures and promoting ergonomics in their daily settings, employees will be able to avoid issues with their backs and also reduce stress levels which in turn allow employees to be more focused on their tasks – increasing productivity.

Keeping a healthy and positive working environment is critical; employees should also be made aware about lifting and performing repetitive movements and sitting in body positions that are awkward. Encouraging employees to exercise regularly is also important towards promoting good posture and also more importantly prevent injury.

Simple exercises such as brisk walking, cycling and swimming are excellent low impact activities that go a long way towards keeping employees fit. It is a fact that has been proven through clinical research that by incorporating ergonomics in the office not only increases productivity, but it also decreases fatigue which allow employees to remain focused on their tasks for longer periods without stressing too much due to their ‘relaxed’ physical state.

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