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Epic Games Allow Developers To Use Anti-Cheat System And Voice Chat

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The Fortnite development studio Epic Games is now offering its anti-cheat system and voice chat to other developers for use. This gives publishers the opportunity to integrate the services into their own games. The services are now available for many platforms.

The two services are to be built into the so-called Epic Online Services Suite. The Epic Online Services Suite can be used in combination with any game engine. In addition to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch are also supported. There is also support for the two mobile operating systems iOS and Android. The developers of the Unreal Engine show the advantages of the system in a trailer.

Multiplayer titles are supposed

With the anti-cheat software, developers can make their multiplayer games safer and prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage. Of course, the system is not perfect and can cause problems even with honest gamers and recognize harmless programs installed on the user’s PC as a danger. The service is continuously improved so that publishers can take action against cheaters more effectively.

Epic Games had already offered the anti-cheat system to third-party developers in the past. Until now, however, a fee had to be paid for this, so that in many cases smaller studios could not afford the software. That has changed with the integration into the suite.

The voice chat service can be used across platforms and supports not only one-on-one calls but also group calls in game lobbies. When the service is integrated into a game, the voice data is processed on Epic’s backend servers. This has the advantage that the actual publisher has to provide less computing power.