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Doug Bowser Talks About Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Super Switch

It has been rumored for some time that Nintendo would soon be launching a Pro version of the Switch. However, the manufacturer did not show the new console at E3 2021 which was expected earlier. Now the Nintendo boss Doug Bowser has commented on the Switch Pro.

Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo of America, was asked about attitudes towards new technology in an interview with the Washington Post. Bowser points out that Nintendo is always looking at ways to use technology to improve the gameplay experience. The console manufacturer would like to continue its previous strategy with regard to hardware models. The life cycle of a successful product should be maintained as long as it makes sense. The Nintendo Switch has now been around for more than four years.

Console lifecycle

With the Switch now in its fifth year of sales, the handheld hybrid is redefining what the life cycle of a console can look like. With strong game content, the entire life cycle is kept alive, so the gap between the two generations should be a bit larger this time.

From the launch of the Switch to April 2021, the console had sold more than 85 million times worldwide. Although Mario Kart 8 was released seven years ago, the deluxe version is still among the ten best-selling games in all months of recent years.

So the fans will have to wait a little longer before a Nintendo Switch Pro appears. As long as the sales figures do not drop sharply, the group should wait for a little longer until new hardware is brought onto the market. It is conceivable that the Japanese publisher already has concrete plans for a new model and is just waiting for the right time to publish. Maybe there will be the first details about the console by the end of the year.

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