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An exciting venture between Zong and Whatsapp

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Zong is a major telecommunication network in Pakistan. The network has released a statement saying that it has joined hands with WhatsApp in order to launch a special bundle for Zong users. The users of the network can now enjoy unlimited voice and video calling on Whatsapp for RS.15+tax.

The package is available under the name of Whatsapp Daily. It has a data limit of 300MB and a validity of 24 hours. A fair usage policy is applicable in the terms of use. Users can now subscribe to this package by dialing *4# from their numbers. It seems that telecommunication networks are aiming for cheaper rates in order to attract more customers. Zong mobile network is one of the fastest data networks. It offers the widest coverage of 4G and is an effective platform for calling through Whatsapp whether voice or video.

Zong has the fastest 4G LTE growing network

The telecommunication company is trying to bring a new technological edge to Pakistan. The brand promises a “new dream” which aims to leverage 4G LTE as a digital transformation in the users life. Currently, it is powering in 5000 sites within 200 cities of Pakistan. Whatsapp and Zong collaborating means that the telecommunication network plans to bring more services to the consumers’ at the most affordable prices. The statement by Whatsapp growth director states:

“By offering this bundle with Zong, WhatsApp is able to make our industry-leading calling service more affordable and convenient in Pakistan, and seamlessly connect more people across the region and the world,” says Mubarik Imam, Parnerships and Growth Director at WhatsApp.

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“Now, you can see your child’s face at university or show the grandparents their grandchild’s first steps from wherever you are without having to find a wifi zone”, he added.

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