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3 Online Business Ideas for Writers that Pays You Well

Online Business Ideas For Writers

Are you thinking online business ideas for writers?

While there are tons of ideas for online business thinkers, writing is one of the most followed and admired business ideas for juveniles.

Writing is said to be a soft skill which is not as promising as many others. This does not mean that writers can never make a fortune out of their soft skill. They can but only if they make smart moves.

In this post, we will be sharing some online business ideas for writers. These ideas will not only help you familiarize with different types of writings. But will also help you choose your path. And will also give you an estimation of how much you can earn being a writer.

So let’s get started.

Online Business Ideas for Writers

E-Book Writer

An eBook or electronic book is just a digital book.

E-Books work as a marketing agent. They incorporate all those basic requirements search engines ask for. A business having a published e-book works well. Search engines help such businesses grow by ranking their websites higher.

Businesses are always looking for e-book writers. If you have that flair and skill, you’d start your online business as an eBook writer for third party businesses.

How to Become an E-Book Writer?

Just like a novelist, you can become an e-book writer. With a slight difference – you need to keep search engine optimization intact when writing.

The e-books will require you to have a precise knowledge of what you offer as an e-book writer. For example, if you’re writing an SEO e-book, you need to have a wide knowledge of SEO. You can’t copy the content from another source and publish it under your name.

Average earnings – $5 per page.

Niche Blogger

Write blogs on one subject only and you’ll become a niche blogger.

If you stumble on blogging jobs, you’d realize that blogging is not the career you’d carry on forever. And with an increasing competition, it would get really upsetting for you. So, what should you do?

Writing does not really pay enough. But if you understand this secret, you’d become a millionaire (ok, I just bragged here). Everyone knows the secrets to blogging. But one secret is often misheard.

Niche blogging.

How to become a Niche Blogger?

Master one subject and prove it to your targeted audience. And you’ll start earning more than most of the bloggers around you.

Bloggers often prefer writing. They usually ignore the fact that; writing is not the big deal. What counts more is; what you write? If you have developed a strong skill in one niche, people will come to you.

A tech news writer should focus on technology and related news and blogs. A food lover must not dive into writing business proposals only to make some extra bucks. Moving away from your key interests will make you weaker. And will never let you find peace in your so-called interests.

Find that spark which keeps you up in the night, which pushes you to know more about it. It would take time but the results are promising.

Average earnings – $20/hour

Ghost Writer

Have you ever read an autobiography?

Do you think that all those autobiographies out there are written by those personalities themselves?

No. those are mostly written by ghost writers.

Ghost writers are hired individuals who write anything but publish those pieces under the name of the hirer.

Even when writing is considered to be a soft skill, not everyone can write. Writing is, no doubt, a tough job. It is not only about the language. It is a blend of different elements. Once you start writing, only then you’d understand them to their fullest.

And when a book, an article, or a story needs to be told, often a ghostwriter comes in handy. They offer their services as of their wide understandings of the style and knowledge of the specific piece of writing. They create something new, something worth sharing through their creative insights. But they are never cherished openly by the public as they’re hired just to write a shareable content.

How to Become a Ghost Writer?

The start is usually not the hard part. But to become a recognizable ghost writer, you need to be an expert in what you offer.

For example, if you’re hired to write an autobiography as a ghost writer, you better understand autobiographies first. You’d have to live the life of the person you’re writing about. This often will require you to stay away from home.

This online business idea pays you well and offers you to meet new people and also travel a lot. But the only bad thing about being a ghost writer is; you can’t use your name.

Average earnings – $7000 for a 300-page book

To become an online entrepreneur, you’d need some marketing skills as well. And with skills like these, you can start your year like a boss.

Which Online Business Ideas for Writers Would You Prefer?

There are tons of writing jobs and thousands of writers out there. But not everyone can get those jobs. Being called a low-paying job, people still make more money than non-writers do. The only secret is – master your skills first and then think of online business ideas for writers.

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Note – All those earnings are based on an average estimation. You could charge more or less, all depends on your skills and the understanding between you and the buyer.

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