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An exploding case of Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics suffered a major blow this week because of the news that Galaxy Note 7 phones are exploding. The news came to the public eye after many consumers took to social media to protest about their Galaxy Note 7 exploding. Samsung Electronics, the tech giant of South Korea, has now halted the shipment of its Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea over the speculations of exploding batteries. The company is looking into the case of exploding batteries to ensure that the problem is managed as soon as possible.

Samsung to halt the shipment of Galaxy Note 7 to market

Reuters, reported that Samsung has confirmed to the news of halting shipments to South Korea and is conducting quality control tests on all its Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has not specified what exactly is it looking to fix in the Galaxy Note 7 but social media suggests that it is the exploding batteries that they are trying to control.

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“This is a major buzz kill for Samsung”, says Bryan Ma, IDC analyst. “The launch of Apple iPhone in the next week has put pressure on the company to contain this issue quickly.”

Users took to Kakao Story, a popular social media service in Korea, to show their burnt Galaxy Note 7 and chipped in that a third party charger might be the cause of battery explosion. The phone was already facing demand and supply problems, since the demand outran the supply, which is now topped by the case of exploding batteries. The phone was sold in Korea at the price of $882, which put Samsung at a high profit but now, the share and market price of the company has fallen again. The share fell by 2% and Korea’s business market reports that Samsung will soon announce the counter plan to tackle this problem making sure that user comfort and quality are their priority.

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