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Apple Twitter account sets social media on frenzy

Apple Twitter account

Apple Twitter account is active and verified, now. The tech giant officially verified its account on Twitter ahead of the launch of iPhone 7 and people are freaking out. Apple joined twitter in 2011 but had never verified the account. However, the company went ahead to verify the brands social media presence which has set the crowd in a frenzy.

Apple never had a brand social media presence but now it seems that the company wants to change it and be actively involved with the audience. Apple twitter account has garnered more than 100,000 followers and the number is increasing rapidly as reported by the Independent.

Apple Twitter account is a marketing tactic for iPhone 7

The speculations are that Apple will be using this verified account as a platform to live blog the launch of iPhone 7 on the 7th of September. The company has in the past has live-blogged many of its events on the internet. The Apple twitter account still hasn’t posted any tweets but everyone has their eyes set to the 7th of September. You can follow the official Apple account here.

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Apple has already launched Twitter accounts for Apple Music, Apple News, App store and other services offered by the company. It is the first time that the brand itself has made its social media presence on Twitter known. It should be noted that even though Apple didn’t have a certified presence on twitter till, now, the company’s executive has been an active part of twitter social media. Eddy Cue, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook and Phil Schiller are very active on Twitter.

The active corporate presence of the brand has a corporate logo and the background of the photo taken from the invitations Apple has sent out to people for its upcoming iPhone launch. It seems that the marketing pitch is working out for the best of the company.

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