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Facebook End To End Encryption Is Not Implemented Before 2023


While WhatsApp users can send chats via end-to-end encryption, the conversations on Facebook and Instagram are transmitted unencrypted. Now Meta has commented on the topic. The feature will not be integrated into social networks before 2023.

End-to-End Encyption was announced years ago

Some time ago, the social media group Facebook, now renamed Meta, announced that the platform would be equipped with end-to-end encryption in the future. At that time, however, no specific point in time was given for the implementation. The company has now emphasized that end-to-end encryption will be a while in coming. Meta has confirmed that the feature will not be integrated into the two social media services Facebook and Instagram until 2023, rather than next year.

End-to-End Encryption was promised In 2022

Meta’s security manager Antigone Davis has confirmed this to The Telegraph. Meta originally had plans to complete the switch to end-to-end encryption within the next year. The developers want to take the extra time to “do everything right” during implementation. Politicians, in particular, speak out against end-to-end encryption and demand back doors so that crimes can still be uncovered.

Antigone Davis rejects the criticism and emphasizes that Meta will be able to detect misuse of its platforms despite end-to-end encryption. Unencrypted information and activity reports should be sufficient for this in most cases so that the requirements of the authorities are met despite encryption.

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