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Facebook Facial Recognition Feature Launched Today in Pakistan

In order to overcome privacy issues on social media apps, Facebook introduced a facial recognition feature that allows users to know when their picture has been uploaded by anyone, anywhere. This feature allows the Facebook users to know if someone else is using your pictures and uploading them to Facebook.

Facebook will notify the user if anyone uploads your picture. In Pakistan, this new setting is now launched and enabled.

Earlier Facebook facial recognition feature was used by users to tag each other. Facebook allowed you an option to add the names of your friends on a group picture, but that had nothing to do with user’s privacy and security.

Now Facebook has innovated its own technology and has taken a step ahead. It gives you the option to identify your pictures and notify you if someone else uploads them. So now this feature is more about user’s privacy and security.

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The aim of Facebook facial recognition feature now is to allow you to find pictures you are in but you are not tagged in them. Keep you aware of any strangers uploading your snaps without your permission. Add an option of audio to allow visually impaired users hear who is in your pictures on Facebook.

In Pakistan currently, this setting is by default on. If you want to turn it off, go to your settings on Facebook, click more, click privacy shortcuts, tap on more settings and the option of facial recognition will appear.
Click on the option “Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?”

Select the option as per your liking, yes or no.

In the world where nothing is private anymore, we need companies and tech firms to introduce such options where the privacy of an individual is safeguarded. So this step by Facebook is commendable.