Facebook Fined for Its Free Services Claim

Facebook fined

Facebook has been fined for claiming its services to be free. The competition watchdog of Hungary has fined the social media giant with 1.2 million dollars, which is the biggest fine to date, for misguiding the users by making false claims that it offers free services.

 As per the watchdog, Facebook Ireland had breached the law with advertisements posted on the front page and help centre.

On Friday the watchdog said that while users did not have to pay a fee for using the service, they still made profits for the firm through their user activity and data.

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It said that the user data that Facebook has gathered enabled it to post targeted ads for the users.

Besides this, the users were not aware of the amount and value of data handled over to Facebook while making use of the service.

During the fine imposition decision, the Hungary regulator did note that Facebook had since changed the misleading statements.

As per the latest, WhatsApp is soon to get a dark mode. There has been no official announcement by the company itself about any such launch but it has been spotted on the WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.353.

The development team had been working on the mode for months now. The dark mode has to be activated manually, but it also could be used in automatic mode in correspondence with the energy-saving mode of the smartphone.

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