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Facebook Launches ‘Did You Know’ Feature

Facebook has introduced a new interesting feature for its desktop and mobile users. The new feature is called ‘Did You Know’? In this feature, a user answer queries about himself/herself. Thus clues are given to friends on Facebook so that they know more about your personality, secrets, ambitions, and dreams. The aim seems clear. Facebook want others to know more about you.

Thus the feature in a direct way offers an opportunity for you to answer questions about yourself and your friends to know and understand you better.

The feature is in a questionnaire format. For example

  • If I could be anywhere else right now I’d be…
  • The superpower I want most is…
  • The first thing I’d do after winning the lottery is…
  • A guilty pleasure that I’m willing to admit to is…
  • Mondays make me feel like…

So this is the format of the questionnaire. Once the users answer these questions, their answers will be shared with their Facebook friends. The answers will go live in form of a colorful status update. So Facebook wants its user to be more active and share their personal details with their friends.

It is interesting because its human nature to be curious. We are interested in others, their lives, ups and downs, secrets and experiences. Facebook is using that curious nature of human being and is using it to their advantage.

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This new feature is quite similar to the App tbh which also compels the users to share personal data as they were asked personal questions. This is quite similar but this time the whole procedure is more formal yet personal.

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