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Facebook Launches “Find Wi-Fi” Feature On Its App

“Find Wi-Fi” feature has been launched globally by Facebook. Through this features users can easily locate Wi-Fi hotspots using the App. It had been in the testing phase and now it is launched.

In the testing part the features got already launched in many countries. The aim of this new feature is to help travellers find Wi-Fi hotspots in areas with weak signals and coverage.

As per Facebook officials, wherever you are located you can easily find out the closest connections available to you through it.

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You can’t say that you can always find Wi-Fi hotspot through Facebook as business need to offer their services to Facebook for it to access the connection. If they don’t Facebook won’t be able to access it. Not being the last step, it certainly is a step towards a better future by Facebook.

Moreover, opening and closing hours would be given through this feature so that you don’t go to places that have shut down for the day.

For all the users you can find this feature under the More tab in Facebook app. This was launched on Friday.