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Renewed Version Of Galaxy Note 7 To Be Sold In South Korea

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will start selling a renewed version of Galaxy Note 7. The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones would be sold in South Korea from July 7th.  There was a battery issue in last Galaxy Note 7 phones as they used to catch fire. Now the changed version of Galaxy Note 7 would have different secure batteries.

The offer by Samsung is to sell 400,000 phones in its home country with price of $611 that is 30% less than the price of this phone at the time of its launch. These devices would be constructed from unsealed Note 7 handsets and not used Note 7 components.

Batteries have undergone new safety measures. They would have less capacity than those of original Galaxy Note 7 phones.

The incident of batteries caused Samsung $5 billion. Not just the money but also the reputation of Samsung was lost due to this major mistake. Apart from Note 7 Samsung also plan to hold a launch event of new Note 8 phone in mid of August.

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At the moment Note 7 would be launched in South Korea, whether it would be launched in other cities as well or not and at what dates is still questionable. What is confirmed is that the phone won’t be offered in India and United States.

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