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Facebook Launches Free Game Streaming

Facebook Game Streaming

The social media company Facebook has launched its free games streaming service. The platform is now in the test phase and can be used by a small group of users. The client application is currently not available for iOS devices.

An official Facebook blog entry shows that the company’s existing gaming app has been expanded with a new feature. There is now the option to run games in the cloud and transfer them to the user’s client. This means that the desired title does not have to be downloaded beforehand. In contrast to other providers such as Google, Nvidia, or Microsoft, Facebook does not charge any fees for the game streaming service. The streaming service is limited to smartphone games.

The free game streaming service is currently in the testing phase, so only users in selected regions, such as some parts of the United States, can access the platform. It remains unclear when the platform can be used in this country.

App not available for iOS devices

The cloud gaming service is available to users of the Android app and the web version of Facebook Gaming. The owners of an iPhone or iPad currently have no way of playing games via the cloud. The restrictive Apple guidelines are responsible for this. It is currently only possible to offer game streaming applications in the App Store with major restrictions. However, Facebook emphasizes that the developers are currently working on alternatives for iOS users and that information will be published soon.

At the start of Facebook Gaming’s cloud function, free-to-play titles such as “Asphalt 9: Legends” and “Mobile Legends: Adventure” will be offered. Numerous action and adventure games will be added in the coming year. In addition, there will also be advertising in the form of demo versions in the future, which should provide an insight into the respective game. The titles can then be downloaded from the store.