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Facebook Losing Hope Among Teenagers In The U.S.

Just a few years ago, Facebook seemed to be on the way to world domination or it looked like it could be consolidated on social media. But it is becoming increasingly clear that one is facing serious problems, including because young people are running away in droves.

It is of course no secret that young people left Facebook a long time ago and that their parents and grandparents are more likely to hang around there. After all: Facebook had a daughter with Instagram, who is still attractive to young people. Instagram is still popular, but current figures show that teens are spending less and less time there. Needless to say, TikTok is currently a magnet for teenagers and twenties.

As Bloomberg reports, internal studies by Facebook show downright dramatic drops: teenage users of the Facebook app in the US have decreased by 13 percent since 2019 and are expected to decrease by 45 percent in the next two years. The problem has apparently been around for years, as the numbers among young users have been falling since 2012.

The details are even more dramatic: According to internal Facebook estimates, teenagers spend “two to three times” as much time on TikTok as they do on Instagram, while Snapchat is the preferred way of chatting with friends. But even in older target groups, where you are still stable and can even grow, there is cause for concern: Users of all age groups are posting fewer and fewer posts, which means that Facebook is breaking an important pillar of its network.

Facebook Papers

The information that has now emerged as part of the “Facebook Papers“. That is more than 10,000 documents that whistleblower Frances Haugen downloaded and made available to authorities and the media. This information contains a lot of explosive material because much of it is in stark contrast to what Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg assert publicly and even before the US Senate over and over again. The Washington Post is currently analyzing how unscrupulous Facebook uses double standards. While one works with authoritarian states in order to keep Facebook as clean as possible there, hatred and polarization are not only tolerated in the West but are even consciously fueled by the algorithms.

And right now it doesn’t look like this treasure trove of explosive revelations will dry up anytime soon. For the company, things are becoming more and more unpleasant: Not only are users leaving Facebook’s services in droves, the headwind from politicians, investors, and regulators is also growing.

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