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Tesla Model 3 Becomes The Top Selling Car In Europe

Tesla Model 3

It is a real premiere that also marks a major upheaval in mobility: with the Tesla Model 3, an electric car was able to top the list of new registrations in Europe for the first time last month. They are also the top dog in the e-car charts.

Tesla Model 3 is the top selling car in Europe during September

These are dream numbers for Tesla that mark a historic premiere with a look at the entire market: The Tesla Model 3 is the first all-electric car that can achieve first place in the monthly sales figures of all cars in Europe. This is shown by evaluations by the British market specialists at JATO Dynamics, which are based on the approval data in September. However: The Model 3 is also the only electric car that makes it into the top 10.

New registrations of all cars in Europe in September 2021:

  • 1. Tesla Model 3: 24,591
  • 2. Renault Clio: 18,264
  • 3. Dacia Sandero: 17,988
  • 4. Volkswagen Golf: 17,507
  • 5. Fiat / Abarth 500: 16,349
  • 6. Opel / Vauxhall Corsa: 15,502
  • 7. Peugeot 2008: 14,931
  • 8. Hyundai Tucson: 14,088
  • 9. Peugeot 208: 13,895
  • 10. Renault Captur: 13,715

As Electrek emphasizes in his report, a closer look at Tesla’s delivery logistics is important for classification. So far, the company has been supplying Europe in batches, which has led to large fluctuations in the number of registrations. Nevertheless, one can attest to Tesla’s overall impressive values, year-on-year the sales figures in Europe were increased by 77 percent.

Top Selling In Electric Cars As Well

The exceptionally good sales performance of the Model 3 in September can also be seen with a look at the e-car competition – and here Tesla can also take second place with the Model Y:

New registrations of all e-cars in Europe in September 2021:

  • 1. Tesla Model 3: 24,419
  • 2. Tesla Model Y: 8,906
  • 3. Volkswagen ID.3: 8,263
  • 4. Renault Zoe: 6,577
  • 5. Skoda Enyaq: 5,913
  • 6. Kia Niro EV: 5,424
  • 7. Fiat 500e: 4,738
  • 8. Volkswagen ID.4: 4,585
  • 9. Peugeot 208e: 4,295
  • 10. Dacia Spring: 4,166

Tesla still has a trump card in hand for Europe for the next few years: with the start of production of the Model Y in the Gigafactory Berlin, availability on the continent will once again be significantly improved. Full production capacity can be expected here towards the end of next year. It will be very interesting to see how the sales figures then develop.

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