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Facebook Messenger Soon to Permit Users to Unsend Messages

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Some months back there were rumors regarding Facebook Messenger testing an “unsend messages” feature, exactly like WhatsApp. Now, the feature might be coming soon with the capability of withdrawing a message within just ten minutes after it was sent.

According to the reports of a social media expert—Matt Navarra, Facebook Messenger would soon permit users to delete the sent texts within just ten minutes after being sent. The feature was observed to be coming soon in version 191.0 for the iOS with no information relating its availability for the Android app of the Messenger, as reported by Telegraph.

The message regarding the update notification read that the feature is coming soon that would delete a message from a conversation thread after it has been sent. If a photo was sent by mistake, or some incorrect information was sent or some wrong message was sent at some wrong message thread, then one could easily correct the mistake by omitting the message within just ten minutes of sending it.

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The feature does not have any time limit as specified to WhatsApp by its parent firm, it is still good than having no such feature at all. The feature was in rumors since the month of April, even Facebook admitted to quietly deleting messages sent by the CEO of Facebook—Mark Zuckerberg for testing the feature.

Additionally, the Facebook-owned social media site Instagram has too started permitting users to unsend the sent messages through its Instagram Direct having no time limit.

Moreover, Google’s emailing platform also has got an “undo send” feature that allows users to withdraw any email within thirty seconds, as reported by Daily Mail.

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