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Facebook Reportedly Working On Video Chat Device Plus Smart Speakers

Seems like Facebook is impressed with Google Home, Amazon echo and others, the social giant is reportedly working on Smart Speakers of its own but that’s not just a device Facebook is taking on with. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the company is working on the device which is not announced yet.

Though reported in the beginning of July, Facebook was working on a live group video chat app. But this time it is not the software Facebook is working on, it’s the hardware, the device would be finalized in Facebook’s experimental Building 8 lab, expected to have 15-inch touch display which might be unveiled at F8 developer conference next year.

The screen is just a starter, Facebook is said to be launching the device with the smart camera as well. The word “Smart Camera” implies the features it might be carrying with it. But it’s still not clear how this smart camera would work in real life. The smart camera would be wide-angled, auto focus and more importantly 360-degree full HD.

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Critics also say that the camera may not be ready for the initial launch, as it is a video chat device it will be equipped with microphone and speakers.

Moreover, the company is not intended to develop its own software to power the device; hence it will come with Android OS, the software widely used in current mobile devices.

The device is already being tested in homes, Facebook is also considering launching this product with a price tag not more than $100 initially, that would create a real difference in the market.

However, the smart speaker is different from the video chat device, Facebook is working on smart speaker separately which will eventually complete the products already in the market like Google Home, Amazon Echo etc. Facebook is not going to manufacture its smart speaker rather it is outsourced to Chinese company Pegatron.