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British Airways System Issue Causes Disruption At Heathrow Airport

BA checkin

British Airways said they are experiencing issues with their IT system which causes trouble in passenger check-in process at the Europe’s biggest airport Heathrow, Today morning.

Wednesday morning British Airways started experiencing problems with their software system, which was announced on Twitter, British Airways said that in relation to Terminal 5 from where BA gets departed for local and International flights.

British Airways said due to the system issue the check-in process is prolonged and taking longer than usual.

Two months earlier in May, British Airways also faced massive system failure which was generated due to a power supply issue near Heathrow Airport, affected over 75,000 passengers during a busy holiday weekend.

However, BA has not announced any update yet on the issue when it will be resolved, passengers going to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 should be prepared for likely delays.

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