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Facebook Sued for the Collection of Text Histories and Call Logs

After it came in the news that the Facebook Messenger and Lite tattered call logs and texts history from the Android devices, the social networking site urged that it did not do any such act in secret and with any ulterior intention. It said that it got access to those data only because of the Android system’s insecure approval system and that it only involuntarily gathered the information from users who agreed to give the application access to their contacts list.

This explanation, however, was not enough to satisfy the three users who have filed a lawsuit against the social networking site, claiming that it has violated their privacy by collecting their call and text history.

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As per Reuters, the lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California’s federal court. The filed suit is now seeking a  class action on behalf of all the users who have been affected and are asking for unmentioned damages.

Obviously, some judge still has to take a decision that whether enough people were affected by the issue before the case could further be perused as a class action.

According to the explanation provided by Facebook it has not sold the call and text data it obtained from the Android phones and that it never had any access to the content of the texts or calls of the users.

However, it is yet to be seen that whether the explanation provided by the company is enough to assure the people or enough users would come forward in support of the filed suit in order to back it.

A spokesperson of the Facebook said that the firm is looking into these accusations.

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