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Facebook Sues Two Chrome Extension Developers For Scraping FB Users Data

Facebook Chrome Devs Sue

Facebook has taken legal action against the creators of malicious Chrome extensions. It is reported that these extensions are used to grab user profiles and other information from the Facebook website and user systems without authorization. The two defendants developed and distributed malicious browser extensions developed by the Chrome Web Store under the name Oink and Stuff.

Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Execution and Litigation at Facebook, said: “They used a privacy policy claiming that they did not collect any personal information to mislead users to install their extensions. Their four extensions-Instagram plus DM Web, Blue Messenger, Emoji Keyboard and Green Messenger–are malicious software, containing hidden computer code that functions like spyware.” It is reported that these four extensions currently have more than 54,000 users.

These Chrome extensions will also install malicious code in the background after being installed on the user’s computer, which allows the defendant to grab user data from the Facebook website. Malicious Chrome plug-ins are also used to secretly collect data unrelated to Facebook from users’ web browsers. When users browse the Facebook website, the extension will also automatically grab user information, which includes the victim’s name, user ID, gender, relationship status, and age.

However, Romero added that the defendants did not compromise Facebook’s security system in their malicious activities. Instead, they only used extensions installed on users’ devices to grab data. In addition, Romero said: “We are seeking a permanent injunction against the defendants and asking them to delete all Facebook data they hold.

This case is the result of our ongoing international efforts. We are working hard to detect and combat those who obtain Facebook user data, including those who use browser extensions to disrupt users’ browsers,” he added.