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Facebook to focus on Local News to drive high-quality content

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Facebook has announced recently that it is changing the way it used to deliver the news service by focusing more on local news sources and a drive for high-quality content.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday, local news is very helpful in understanding local communities and their issues, this update will be applied to the United States initially before it can roll out to other countries globally.

This announcement comes right after Facebook announced earlier that the company is going to make business, brands and media posts less important in the news feeds. Mark Zuckerberg said in a post, “We are now going to show more stories from local news sources, your town, your city and your country”.

Now if someone shares a story from a local publisher and the story is local it will get higher in the NewsFeed, he added. Zuckerberg believes that the Facebook users who get informed about their local communities about what is happening are more likely to engage and create the difference. Research suggests that local news is directly correlated with civic engagement, he added.

In order to show high-quality trusted news, it was imperative for the company to incorporate these changes into the system. The “See First” feature will allow users to choose from the local publishers, news sources and national publications that will show up at the top of their NewsFeeds.

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The social media giant is mulling to rectify the system following the criticism over spreading fake and misleading news in the user’s feeds. The company is now more focused on quality content, quality news, and local news sources.

Facebook has also warned the media firms about the drop in their popularity, the companies might see a decrease in their post views and engagement due to ongoing algorithm change at the backend.

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Earlier this month, Zuckerberg and his team said they have a responsibility to make Facebook for people’s well-being, the public content has to be disseminated locally and effectively so that community interaction could be encouraged.