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OPPO and Qualcomm collaborate to make 5G phones

The Chinese smartphone giant OPPO announced a collaboration with Qualcomm technologies, the best chip-maker in the world. Qualcomm will help OPPO in creating 5G supported smartphones.

Qualcomm will provide radio frequency front-end field to OPPO as part of its “5G Pioneer Initiative”. This was announced at the “2018 Qualcomm Technology Day” in China.

OPPO CEO Tony Chen in a panel discussion said, “In the future, OPPO will continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence, and apply these to product scenarios based on the core needs of users.”

OPPO is planning on launching its 5G enabled phones by 2019.

Chen informed, “In 2018, OPPO will speed up entry into global markets, and specifically enter more developed countries like Japan, to provide smartphones featuring advanced technologies and artistic design to more users in the world.”
IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, earlier in January launched the 5G technology R&D trial phase III specifications in Beijing. IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group is the main promotion company developed by three official ministries in China.

Vice President of OPPO Alen Wu said, “The upcoming 5G era is unprecedented for the mobile phone industry, and OPPO will work together with our partners in the industry to grasp opportunities in this field. Qualcomm Technologies has always been a key strategic partner and OPPO will continue to deepen cooperation with Qualcomm to facilitate healthy dev elopement of the industry.”

Other than this OPPO is soon introducing a foldable smartphone. A recent OPPO patent has unveiled that OPPO foldable smartphone will open like a tablet. OPPO folding device will have a pivot, but the front will show a single display. OPPO is clearly in the competition, ready to introduce a foldable device for its customers. The phone will be the best choice for those users who are interested to buy a foldable, affordable smartphone. As per the patent, the smartphone appears completely normal, with no bezel on one side, it looks like a thin tablet.

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