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Facebook to Introduce an “Unsend” Messages Feature

As per the reports of Tech Crunch, Facebook is planning to release a feature for the Facebook Messenger users for erasing their sent messages. An “unsend” feature is coming out in the next few months’ time, however, how would that function work is not yet reported.

Currently, the messenger is offering a Secret Conversation mode in which users could set a timer on when messages would destruct, but before the expiry of the conversations thread, all parties are notified in advance.

As per a spokesperson of the Facebook this feature has earlier been discussed many times before. He added that now an extended delete message feature would be made available.  The feature rollout would take some time. The spokesperson further added that until the feature is launched, the company would not be deleting any executives’ messages. He added that it should have been done earlier and that the company is apologetic for the delay.

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The “unsend” feature had formerly been introduced in other applications owned by Facebook—which includes WhatsApp. This feature was introduced last year by WhatsApp, which permits the users to withdraw a message if they wish to do so in a short span of time after sending. This feature not only allows the user to delete messages but also posts a note that “this message was deleted” in place of the deleted text, photo or video.

Instagram also supports one such feature that simply makes the message to disappear as if nothing has happened, unless of course the message is seen by the recipient or push alert. Users simply hold on to the message they want to delete and then choose “unsend” to wipe it off from the history. In this situation, the recipients are not notified when messages are erased.

The news regarding the feature was brought to light few hours after the reports indicated that the messages from Zuckerberg were erased from users’ inboxes. The disappearance of messages is being considered as a violation of trust, especially when Facebook is already under investigations relating the Cambridge Analytica.

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