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Facebook TV Will Launch In Two Weeks

Facebook TV is to start by mid of August. Partners have already submitted the starting episodes of their shows. The shows would be of five to ten minutes duration and of quite an economical price. Shows are given by the media companies that have collaborated on this project with Facebook. 45% of the revenue would go to Facebook in this partnership. No comments were made on this by Facebook officials.

Also, Facebook is also planning shows that would be completely owned by the company with no partnerships. These shows will release in later months and would be of 20 to 30 minutes duration.

Currently, the partners working with Facebook include Group Nine Media, BuzzFeed, ATTN, and Vox Media.

It was expected that these shows would release in June but now the expected launch is in August.

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Entertainment that would be provided through Facebook TV would be of conventional type but as Facebook has more reach and diverse audience so it might be a huge success. As per Facebook officials, they need more advertisers in their Newsfeed which would obviously for the revenue purposes.

Previously in an article, we told our readers that Facebook is signing deals with various media groups for the launch of original video service. The programs on Facebook TV would be of long and short duration and there would be ad breaks as well. Now all the users just need to sit tight and wait for the launch of this new exciting feature by the social media giant.