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Watch e sports tournament live on BBC Three

Are you curious to watch esports tournaments live? BBC has announced to broadcast a major e-sports tournament over the next 6 weeks. You can now watch online the Gfinity Elite Series tournament every weekend on BBC Three.

The prize is big, 225,000 pounds for the winner, around 160 gamers will join the contest in form of a live audience.

e-sports could be watched on other platforms online, currently, viewers watch e-sports on various online channels including Twitch and YouTube but BBC coverage of the event will definitely attract more viewers to the tournament. According to the deal, BBC will broadcast exclusive editorial content from the Gfinity tournament in West London.

Street Fighter V, Robot football game Rocket League, and Shoot-em-up Counter-Strike: Global Offense would be the games to be played.

However, the esports events are also shown on conventional channels like Ginx in the UK. BBC’s coverage would be much larger than other channels said, BBC.

Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at IHS, said the BBC would be able to test the demand for e-sports on its network. The audience comprising of youth are much attracted to live events like this, so BBC can test the demand of this genre on its network, however, BBC cannot broadcast it on terrestrial TV because of the bigger associated risk before passing it through the testing grounds, he added.

AT&T has more than 100 local channels on DIRECTV NOW

The popularity of E-sports events is growing and can attract millions of new viewers online. According to Newzoo’s prediction, the global audience of e-sports will double to 600 million by 2020, with more than 1 billion pounds in revenues.

Don’t forget to watch the first stage of the Gfinity Tournament on Friday at 20:45 BST on BBC Three website and iPlayer, the next episodes will be broadcasted on Saturday at 21:00 and Sunday at 17:00

How betting on esports is similar to sports

There is no doubt that if you haven’t heard about esports yet, you belong to an old generation. Nevertheless, everyone has their own passion, and the number of people passionate about esports keeps growing. It is very real, esports athletes are paid professionals, there are competitions all over the world, and even esports betting sites.

People now have their favorite video game stars or teams, and follow them all year round. That’s why it is now possible to bet on your favorite team online. More and more betting sites are popping up, for the pleasure of video game fans.

Never before, esports fans had the possibility to transform their knowledge and passion for their favorite video game into money and fun. Now they can add another layer to their excitement by betting. 

You can bet on League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and so on, on most major games and competitions. Bets are possible in many countries around the world, such as France, Italy, Spain, England, and the United States…

Since esports betting is a growing business, make sure you check reviews to help you choose an esports site trustable, with the best reputation, the best bonuses, and the best actions. 

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