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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Media Channels unblocked in Pakistan

Social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube were not working in Pakistan on Saturday. After remaining inaccessible for more than 24hours, they have now been unblocked. The reason for the blockage was government’s crackdown on the Faizabad protesters.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) spokesperson has confirmed that the websites have been unblocked all over Pakistan.

After the Pakistan forces and police started operations on Faizabad protestors, PTA was asked to block all known social media sites. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

All private channels in Pakistan were also shut down as they were accused of violating media regulations by showing live coverage of the operation. TV channels were also permitted to resume their transmission on Sunday.

From more than a couple of weeks now Islamabad was closed down by hundreds of Islamists belonging from various religious parties. Their demand was the resignation of Federal Law Minister of Pakistan. They wanted his resignation over an omitted reference to the Prophet Muhammad in a constitutional bill.

Due to this demand, the protestors closed down Islamabad completely. The general public of Pakistan was suffering, they were unable to commute from one place to another, and thus finally action was taken against the protestors. During the crackdown in Faizabad, the social media sites were blocked and media channels were closed. Now finally the sites have been unblocked and media channels are also back. As for educational institutions, they are closed down on Monday and Tuesday.

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