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Facebook Will Fight Extremism And Hate Speech Present On Its Platform By Launching UK Initiative

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism recently for not controlling hate speech and being extremely slow to react to inappropriate content posted on the platform. So the social media giant is all set to train and invest on local companies to fight extremism and hate speech. This would be through implementing UK Online Civil Courage Initiative whose partners are Imams Online and the Jo Cox Foundation.

Referring to the recent London and Manchester attack Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg said that such attacks are heartbreaking, and now they need to do more through their platform to keep violence and negativity away from Facebook.

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This step has been taken by Facebook after extreme pressure from governments’ across Europe, asking technology tycoons to control extremist propaganda spreading through their platform. Facebook, Twitter and Google have faced special criticism that they are not able to spot inappropriate content themselves. It’s when people report that they find some content spreading through their platform is objectionable.

European countries opinion on hate speech spreading through social networks:

German passed a bill on April to fine up to €50m (£44m) those social media platform that do not stop spreading extremist content, or images that portray negative vibes like child sexual abuse.

Other than after London Bridge terror attack UK PM Theresa also said that internet needs to be regulated so that extremists are denied online platform to spread hate and terrorism

Also UK PM and French President Emmanuel Macron joined hands on this issue, to find ways of how to make internet safe and secure.

In Germany and France workshops were conducted along with 100 anti-hate and anti-extremism organizations across Europe, catering more than 3.5 million people online.

 In England a page called UK OCCI is used where people can share stories and idea with the hashtag #civilcourage.

Through these steps Facebook wants to tackle extremism. Now it is important by all social media networks to control extremism and hate speech spreading through their platform.