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Virgin Media Directs Password Change Over Hacking Threat

virgin hub 2 security flaws

Virgin Media has circulated information to 800,000 customers for changing their passwords in order to be protected from attack.

During the investigation and security checks it was found out that hackers may access the Virgin Media’s Super Hub 2 router which is prone to hacking attack and access the users smart devices.

Devices such as children toys as well as users CCTV cameras could also be hacked exploiting their vulnerability.

Virgin Media told BBC that there was a small probability of the devices being hacked and the risk was not obvious but advised customers timely to use default network and change router passwords immediately.

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Virgin media’s spokesperson said, “Security of our customers is of utmost important to use, we perpetually upgrade our systems and hardware to meet industry standards. We also advise our customers time to time to take extra precautionary measures and upgrade to Hub 3.0 which has additional security layers”

The ISP also claims that issues can also be seen in several other routers of the same age, their medel is not merely exclusive to this vulnerability.

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SureCloud conducted tests with ethical security researchers and found 8 devices out of 15 had security vulnerabilities.

In one instance a home CCTV was hacked using administrator’s account which was not password protected. Hackers were able to watch like CCTV and able to move camera inside the house.

Alex Neill managing director of home security products and services urges for industry to improve fundamental security provisions like generating unique password, using two-factor-authentication and regular software security updates.

Smart home devices and gadgets make our life easier, however our research shows, consumers should be acknowledged about the security of these devices, some of the devices have little or no security and are vulnerable to hackers. Manufacturers should focus more on the design of the products in terms of security, said Alex.