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Facebook Will Soon Charge Readers For Reading Articles

Facebook is working on features on its App to generate revenue. One of them is adding ads on Facebook Messenger by next month through which the makers would be able to get money. Also, the company might soon charge users for reading articles on the social media APP.   This new policy is expected to be launched by October. At first, it would be tested, and then Facebook plans to offer new procedures to increase the revenue of different media companies.

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This policy will be taken by Facebook in response to complaints by publishers who say that they lost money and control on their stories as Facebook provided free access to them.

Now there will be a limit added to the instant article segment of Facebook. Users would be allowed to read ten articles from the same author after whom they would have to pay to read further stories.

A subscription product, paywall in Facebook that was a demand of many newspapers and digital publishers would now be added on Facebook. If this works out the policy would be expanded by the year 2018.

Facebook wants to work closely with their partners and stakeholders. They want to fulfill the needs of users and demands of those investing in the company.
Apart from this revision of policy Facebook is also testing a drone that would provide internet access all around the world to more than 4 billion people. Aquila is the name of the drone that is solar-powered and its weight is around 1,000 pounds.

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