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Facebook’s Fresh Resume Feature—A Possible Threat for LinkedIn

Young woman hiding behind her resume

As per reports, Facebook seems to be involved with the testing of a LinkedIn- like resume/CV feature.
A web developer Jane Manchun Wong noticed this new feature and the screenshots of the added feature were shared on Twitter by Matt Navarra of The Next Web.


Facebook had already provided its users with the option of entering their education history and employment records. Many people use these options for filling their credentials but also there are some who never bother to provide Facebook with any such records.

Facebook is a social platform and kind of more private for some people. Chances are that people will not encourage their personal profiles being associated with job applications and any other such job-related requests. In fact, many people want to keep their profiles private from their employers and colleagues so much that they even go for changing their names and disguises.

Facebook’s resume feature could affect the LinkedIn services but there might also be a collection of such individuals who would love to keep the two accounts separate, in order to keep the potential job hunters away from their personal space. All such people will maintain the LinkedIn crowd and will not let it get effected that much by the Facebook’s new feature.

Nothing could be said with clarity presently about how many people have already got the access to feature or when Facebook would be providing it widely. A spokesperson of the firm told that Facebook is always engaged in the making and testing of new features, products and facilities. And currently, Facebook is occupied with the testing of a feature employment records and all so that it may assist people and businesses in finding better employment and expansion opportunities, respectively.

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