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Facebook’s New Feature Would Permit Users to Clear Browsing History

Mark Zuckerberg—the Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer on Tuesday, mentioned that the social networking giant is making a new privacy control which is termed as “Clear History” to permit users to delete the browsing history.

As per a post by Zuckerberg on his account on Facebook the feature would be discussed at the annual F8 conference which started today.

This feature would allow the users to see the websites and applications that send Facebook information when they are being used, it would also enable users to delete information from their accounts and would be able to turn off Facebook’s ability to store any information associated with one’s respective Facebook account. The company informed this in a separate blog post.

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Zuckerberg made a comparison of the new tool to the option of removing cookies in a search browser, which as per him could make the user experience worse as users might have to reconfigure things.

Facebook mentioned that it would take a few months’ time to build this update, adding further that it would also be working with privacy advocates, policymakers, regulators and academics alongside for getting their input on the new approach.

Technology firms are under strict scrutiny regarding how they protect customers’ date after Facebook got stuck in a huge scandal where millions of users’ data was improperly accessed by a political consultancy.

Zuckerberg wrote that he learnt one thing from his experience during testifying in Congress is that he did not have clear answers to some of the questions that were asked about data.

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