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Instagram Video Chat Feature Announced

Instagram has announced the launch of new interesting features including video calling & an updated explore page.

In the Explore page, the user will be given many different options including swiping through different categories like animals, photography, architecture etc. Through this update, users will be able to view their interest related content. Explore has been redesigned previously as well to show you the content of people you know, adding stories on the page and making videos more significant.

The Video chat feature of Instagram is in the testing phase currently and it will be launched globally soon. In order to start a video chat, users have to click on the new camera icon and start video calling people.

In order to start a group chat, first, click on the top right paper airplane icon, click on the + sign and select people you want to start a group chat with.

Video chat allows users to chat with one person or a small group. In between the chat, you can minimize the video screen and browse other things on Instagram as well.

Currently, Instagram has not announced as to how many people can be part of a video chat at one given time.

As per Instagram, the video chat feature & new explore page will launch globally over upcoming weeks.

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Recently Instagram launched another feature that allows the users to upload up to like ten videos or photos at once to their story. It makes uploading pictures and videos a much simpler and faster uploading experience for the users. Also, along with this users can also individually edit them with text or other available creative tools.