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Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR Headset Price Reduced

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Back in March Facebook reduced price of its “Oculus Rift VR Headset”, now the tech giant has cut the price again to make it affordable for wide audience who are keen to experience Virtual Reality.

As part of summer sales promotion Facebook has significantly dropped the price of complete VR headset including a pair of touch controllers. Now the whole Oculus VR headset plus pair of touch controllers can be bought for $399 only a drop of $200 in total. This becomes the entry level price of VR headset which do not comes with touch controller such as PlayStation VR.

Facebook says, the price cut is temporary and a part of summer sales promotions which would only last for next 6 weeks.

You still got almost one and half month to purchase the complete premier level VR headset, if you are waiting for your next pay day.

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Facebook also sliced the headset’s price in March with the same $200 off straight away, this makes a $400 price cut in 2017 alone for the hardware.

Both the Oculus Rift and Touch have incredible collection of software, but you have to have a compatible PC to get on with it, and also a third sensor for optimal room-scale VR. Oculus Vice President of Content Jason Rubin told CNET that, he considers the bundle price as a “Magical Price Point”, he didn’t comment if there would be any further price drops on the hardware in future.

Comparatively, Oculus Rift VR sales were seen at the bottom of all VR sales according to the reports. Apparently, Rift is lagging behind in the VR sales since its launch. On contrary PlayStation’s VR was topper in non-mobile VR sales, Sony sold 1 million VR headsets according to the report.

Rubin comments on Oculus performance and says, “We already knew launching VR into global mass market would take some time. It’s the matter of price and content basically…we knew there is a chicken and egg problem. We have invested 250 million in the content and got the chicken ready to start laying eggs.”

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