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Is It A Failure Of A Tech Company Hiring 3000 Editors: Facebook Report

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Facebook is going to hire 3,000 people to restrict users from broadcasting murder, rape, suicide and abusive content

Facebook has gone through a series of incidents where Facebook users made live violent videos that are witnessed by millions of users. Incidents like Rape, Murder and Suicide where filmed and uploaded on the platform. People outraged by this and criticized Facebook for not doing enough to curb these types of videos.

Mark Zukerberg CEO of Facebook took it as a serious problem which must be addressed as soon as possible; he recently announced that the company is going to hire 3,000 employees to tackle abusive behavior.


Companies like; Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter are classed as Tech platforms, the reason why they are declared as technology platforms is because they are not legally responsible for the published content by users if there are measures to instantly flag and remove the content from the platform, their job is done.

On contrary, News agencies, media companies and groups are legally responsible for publishing the content, they have to hire editors, sub-editors, moderators and lawyers in order to follow the legal requirements which obviously raises their costs and business spending.

Apparently, tech companies and media companies look similar in terms of publishing and generating revenues. Both publish content and generate income through advertising.

Then why there is a distinction; one company has to comply with legal and cultural norms also bare responsibility for what is being published and the other one has no obligations. People started rejecting this notion and critics argue that these Tech Giants should also comply with legalities and take responsibilities where they make billions in income.

The recent development shows that this distinction is disappearing fast when Facebook took action to hire 3000 editors to curb fake stories, violent and abusive content on the platform.

You might think what Facebook is screaming about AI and the development and mind reading technology which could type 150 words per minute just by thinking? Why can’t Facebook use a combination of algorithms and AI to slice down the information that is inappropriate?

Well so far the answer is; Facebook cannot handle this job with there current technological advancements that why they’ve announced to hire 3000 new employees 66% more staff than current figure of 4500.


As Facebook is incurring more costs like a media company and using human wisdom rather than technology as part of their platform security.

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