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“What’s Next?” By Microsoft on May 23rd in Shanghai

Microsoft has just revealed Windows 10S and the Surface Laptop this week and now it has made another announcement of which the only statement made is that Microsoft would show the world what’s next on May 23rd in Shanghai. It is a vague caption which leaves a lot on audience’s imagination. We can now only guess whether Microsoft would come with a surprise new version or just a mild update.

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As the vice President of Microsoft Panos Panay tweeted this announcement with the hashtag #Surface it indicates that Microsoft might show Surface Pro 5 in this upcoming event.
The company is not ready to provide journalists with any hint; everything is taking place in a hush-hush manner which is the basic reason for the ever growing curiosity of the public. We can only hope that the new release by Microsoft would be a source of joy for its users.



Image via: Neowin