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Fake AirPods Pro Are Selling On The Market For $80

Fake Apple AirPods

Apple released new AirPods Pro on the Market on October 30 this year, the new product is quite good with new improvements, however, the market is also flooded with the fake AirPods selling on the market for only $80.

Apple has originally priced AirPods Pro at $249 whereas the counterfeit product from China only costs $80.

When it comes to the design, Apple AirPods (Fake) are design to the ultimate perfection; you cannot really tell the difference if you are not a pro user. The Fake AirPods comes in the same packaging as the original product and there is a little color difference that cannot be cross-checked if you do not have the original product in hands comparing side by side.

Apple iPhone Slide Pro New Concept Phone

When you open the box, the fake Apple AirPods pro instantly shows up on the device within a Nanosecond as it should do with real AirPods pro. According To EveryThingApplePro while reviewing the fake product said, that it was quite impressive, the design, integration with Apple software, and sound quality of the product is unbelievable, however, it does not exactly sound like $249 Apple AirPods.

The fake ones make almost 65% to 70% of the sound quality offered by the original product. Well, still you have a lot of difference in the price, the original product costs $249 whereas the fake one is only $80. The price difference is 311 percent which is huge, but the quality it offers for this price is still acceptable. It took cloners two years to perfectly clone the Apple AirPods Pro and yet it has flaws in it.

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