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Fall Guys: Bug leads to unintended purchases in the in-app store

After moving to a free-to-play business model, Fall Guys suffers from a curious bug. A number of bugs in the store are causing players to inadvertently purchase items. The issue has been confirmed by the developers and a fix is ​​underway. Until then, a reverse transaction of purchases is offered. In the past few days have started on Reddit and collected numerous reports of accidental purchases.

Purchases without prior confirmation, hidden key combinations to buy, or transactions where a completely different item was delivered were reported. In many cases, the purchases only became apparent when the in-game currency fell.

According to Reddit reports, the developer studio’s customer service was initially dismissive. The flaw is unknown, purchases can only be made intentionally in-game and refunds are excluded, it said. Mediatonic quickly moved away from this attitude. In a statement to pc gamers a spokesperson called the response “unacceptable” and promised solutions.

Mediatonic has also officially announced this via Twitter. Accordingly, the developers are working on “improvements” to the “design” of the store, but the existence of bugs is not admitted. This would be unfavorable communicatively as it could potentially undermine confidence in the microtransactions in the game and thus reduce the chances of winning.

Additionally, Mediatonic will accept refund requests for purchases made between June 21 and the completion of the store improvements. In addition, all players will receive a free skin for their in-game avatar.

Extremely successful launch

For Epic Games, despite such difficulties, the switch was worth it. As with Rocket League, the game became an Epic exclusive after the developers bought it and moved to a free-to-play model, which has had a wildly successful start.

After about two weeks reported the developers already have 50 million players. This gives Fall Guys the best prospects for long-term success, as long as it doesn’t scare away most of that base.

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