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Fallout 76 is seeing some changes coming along with the new patch

Fallout 76 next post-release patch is expected on today, five days after dispatch, carrying with it a few fixes and redesigns spotlighted amid the diversion’s fourteen-day beta.

A large number of the huge changes address personal satisfaction highlights PC users expected and requested — among them a push-to-talk chat feature, whose nonattendance was truly disincentivizing social play on that stage. PC clients should sit tight somewhat longer for a field-of-vision slider, yet that is coming “soon,” alongside ultrawide 21:9 screen bolster.

For all stages, clients will discover their stash box limit will increment — yet not right yet. That is occurring “in the coming weeks,” Bethesda Game Studios said on Friday.

As of now, it’s restricted to 400 weight. Indeed, even Fallout 76 players who are careful about separating all their garbage to bulk parts are running into the point of confinement as they develop their arms stockpile of weapons and closet of armor. Players’ supplies are available at each stash confine area the world, however, that implies building another at a CAMP site doesn’t include storage room.

With respect to why this isn’t quickly fixable, “The current limit is there for technical reasons, to cap the number of items the game is tracking in the world, including every container and stash,” Bethesda said. “We believe we have some ideas in both the short- and long-term that will address the size without risking stability, but this is one we need to take our time on to make sure it is done right.”

Furthermore, Bethesda acknowledged that “exploits of various types” and “issues with the social menu,” were either due to being corrected in the launch-day patch or by this update. A big bug bothering some was that the hunger meter wouldn’t refill no matter how much food they ate; that should also be taken care of, along with some of the random ambient noise that doesn’t seem connected to anything.

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