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Facebook and Qualcomm Involved in Anti-Apple Campaign

A report published by the New York Times some days back mentioned a number of things about the social networking giant—Facebook. The report stated that the media giant is doing enough for handling the fallout from the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and from the Russian involvement in the US Presidential Elections in the year 2016.

It further talked regarding the services that Facebook took from a number of public affair firms referred to as the “Definers Public Affairs” for creating a negative impression and news about its rivals.

The New York Times report further mentioned that a “third” technology firm also contacted the Definers company for the exact same reason.

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One other report by Business Insider claims that the third company aforementioned is Qualcomm—the United States based chip manufacturers.

Qualcomm is the company that makes those chips that are used in ninety per cent of the smartphones sold worldwide.

As per the reports of Business Insider the third firm mentioned in the report of NYT is none other than Qualcomm and that it too contacted Definers, as Facebook did.

This news came in front after Qualcomm was removed officially by Apple from its list of suppliers. Qualcomm was previously supplying Apple with modems for iPhones.

Qualcomm has placed the blame on Apple and has claimed that it leaked its modem technology to Intel. Apple has denied these accusations.

Apparently, the legal battle between the two technology companies is not to end any time soon, only time would reveal that how this develops in future.

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