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Famous File Hosting Site Snahp.it Is Shutting Down

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The well-known DDL site Snahp.it has been a popular port of call for many file-sharers in recent years, but it is no longer accessible. After five years, the operators have announced that they are throwing in the towel, the reason given is security.

DDL sites are undoubtedly a niche in the piracy scene, as many prefer torrenting or direct streaming of TV and film content. Nevertheless, this niche has a loyal following, especially those who do not use torrents for fear of being caught and for whom the quality of streaming offers is not good enough.

Snahp.it was a constant in the DDL scene, but the offer has now been closed, as you can read on a message from the operator. There it says that they always had a better user experience in mind, but also for those involved: “The top priority for us has always been the security of each individual member of this blog, which has become more and more important recently.”

Content Industry Pressure?

This security has apparently not been guaranteed lately and therefore it is “time to close the blog and continue”. When the word security is mentioned in connection with piracy and file sharing, one can usually conclude that there is legal trouble. This cannot be assumed directly, but naturally, the site has always been in the focus of anti-piracy organizations such as the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE).

Like TorrentFreak writes, last month alone there were takedown orders from the likes of Disney, NBC Universal, Studio Canal, Sony Pictures, Fox, and Columbia Pictures. Compared to the total traffic on the site, these requests for deletion were relatively small, but it may still be enough to intimidate the creators.