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Google Pixel 6 Pro Brings You a Series of Superlative Camera Features

A plethora of camera features coming with the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

For many users, a camera is one of the primary things they buy a smartphone. They love photography and always look for a smartphone with the best camera features. If you’re one of them, Google is bringing the Pixel 6 Pro for you.

According to a leak, the Google Pixel 6 lineup has a series of camera features that would cater to your needs to become a professional photographer. The Pro model is said to have the best features. Let’s review what this smartphone camera will feature.

Google Pixel 6 Series Camera Features

Rear Camera

  • 50MP Samsung GN1 main
  • 12MP Sony IMX386 ultra wide-angle
  • 48MP Sony IMX586 4X zoom telephoto (Pixel 6 Pro only)

Front Camera

  • 12MP Sony IMX663 (Pixel 6 Pro)
  • 8MP (Pixel 6)

Although the company didn’t confirm if the Pro model has an ultra-wide-angle front camera lens or not, our source strongly believes that it stands true for the Pro model. The source also believes this device to have two predefined zoom levels on the Pixel 6 Pro: 0.7X and 1.0X.

For video recording, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is likely to support 4K60 video recording. The Pro model will support 4K60 video from the main. Video recording is limited to 4K30 for the ultra-wide, telephoto, and selfie cameras. The maximum zoom level of the Pro model when recording at 4K60 or 1080p60 is set at 7X. On the other hand, recording at 4K30 or 1080p30 enables zoom levels up to 20X.

We also learned that while you’re recording a video at 4K30 you can switch between the main, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto lenses without stopping the recording. This feature is not applicable while you’re recording a video at 4K60.

One of the most interesting features found on these Google Pixel 6 series cameras is the “magic eraser”. This feature will let you remove objects or people from a photo.

That’s not it, there is more coming to you. You just now have to wait for a little to explore all about Google Pixel 6 series camera features. That said, we expect to see this series coming soon, perhaps in the first half of October this year.

Courtesy of: XDA-Developers