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Faulty butterfly keyboards: Apple to pay up to $395 as part of a settlement

Apple MacBook customers who had to replace their butterfly-style keyboards one or multiple times will receive a pay-out from Apple, according to CNBC. As part of a settlement, Apple will pay $50 million to customers who were affected. Eligible devices include MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros which were sold between 2015 and 2019.

People who replaced their keyboards multiple times could receive $300 to $395. Those who replaced their keyboard once could receive $125, and those who had to replace a single key could get $50. Unfortunately, Apple will only be handing money to people in seven U.S. states including California, New York, and Florida. It’s also worth noting that eligible recipients must have replaced their keyboards at an Apple Store or authorized repair center.

The keyboards were initially developed to make thinner laptops possible but were plagued with issues. In 2019, Apple admitted the problem, apologized, and allowed customers to get their keyboards repaired for free.

While it’s good to see Apple finally giving customers money back, those who were out of warranty could have paid up to $475 for the repair. Even after receiving the pay-out, some customers may still be out of pocket.

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