FCC Declares Apple May Utilize Faster 6GHz Spectrum for CarPlay, Headsets, and Other Uses

According to some recent pieces of information, the US Federal Communications Commission has opened up the 6GHz Wi-Fi spectrum for low-power devices such as AR and VR wearables. In simple words, it indicates that devices based on AR/VR, like Apple’s Vision Pro headset, can now operate at a 6GHz band. Currently, it can’t be said whether the early versions of Vision Pro would demonstrate this feature or not.

In 2019, big tech companies like Qualcomm, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Meta, Intel, and others collaborated to urge the FCC to allow the use of the 6GHz spectrum on Very Low Power (VLP) devices. VLP devices are the devices that broadcast a low power threshold to utilize 6 GHz. The companies requested that the FCC allow it without any limitations. As of now, the FCC has approved the request for short-range secured connections between two devices, like the one between an iPhone and the Vision Pro headset, or a connection between an in-car system like CarPlay and an iPhone.

The Commission established rules that allow devices that operate at very low power (VLP) across short distances and provide very high connection speeds, realizing the need to provide even more flexibility and encourage unlicensed innovation. These devices are perfect for the kinds of high-data-rate, cutting-edge applications that will both improve consumer experiences and support the country’s economy. These include wearable sensors and technologies, a range of Internet of Things devices, and sophisticated augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

According to the FCC, the new rules set the limits for devices at low power levels. It will increase the demand for technical needs that will enable these devices to operate while following the license terms allocated to carriers for the 6 GHz spectrum. Besides this, the devices can achieve high power levels with the help of a geofencing system that inhibits intrusion from licensed operations.

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