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Finding microbes on other planets is NASA’s next mission


While NASA’s Wanderers have searched for indications of life outside of our reality, they haven’t looked for life specifically. In any case, Melissa Floyd, a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, is taking a shot at a gadget that may change that. She needs to assemble a gadget that could glance through soil and rock samples for proof of microbes or another sort of single-celled microorganism called archaea.

These life forms are thought to have been the first to show up on Earth and Floyd started to think about whether possibly life on close-by planets advanced as it did alone.

 “I had this idea, actually a major assumption on my part: what if life evolved on Mars the same way it did here on Earth? Certainly, Mars was bombarded with the same soup of chemistry as Earth,” Floyd said in a statement.

Be that as it may, searching specifically for life on another planet isn’t simple. Furthermore, the real test here is to build up a machine and a convention that can adequately recreate what researchers do here on Earth.

Floyd trusts that a system called fluorescent in situ hybridization is the best alternative for this venture, and she’s taking a shot at automating that procedure.

At the point when a researcher utilizes this specific strategy, they need to put an example of something on a slide, treat the cells of that example to make them permeable, include a molecular probe that will append to specific sequences of DNA or RNA in the cell, warm the example and after that take a look at it under a microscope.

Furthermore, those are only the principle steps – there are various others in this procedure.  “I’m trying to determine whether I can do the same thing with a robot,” said Floyd.

On the off chance that such a robot can be built, NASA could then send it all alone or as a major aspect of a rover to another planet or moon in our nearby planetary group. It might appear a difficult request, however, it could give researchers another great gadget with which to look for extraterrestrial life.

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