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McDonald’s New Restaurant Looks Like an Apple Store

McDonald’s has recently opened a new leading franchise in Chicago and the store looks more like an Apple Store than a fast-food restaurant.

The McDonald’s new restaurant features ordering kiosks, table service and more than seven hundred trees at the ground level.

Although not every McDonald’s would like the flagship store in Chicago, the fast-food brand has revealed some important hints regarding the future of the fast-food chain.

McDonald’s recent restaurant is making pretty bold statements relating to the future of the company.

On Thursday, McDonald’s new restaurant was opened. It is a glassy, nineteen thousand square-foot building that looks much more like an Apple Store rather than a fast-food restaurant. And as per the company claims this is exactly what the company wanted.

Steve Easterbrook—the CEO and President of McDonald’s in a statement said that they are proud of opening doors to this flagship restaurant, which portrays how the company is building a better McDonald’s for their customers and the communities where they reside, Business Insider reported.

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The restaurant structure may be different, but the Golden Arches are still present at the store, which would be open 24/7.

It has got self-ordering kiosks, mobile order and pay service, table service and delivery. All these services are excessively becoming popular at McDonald’s outlets throughout the United States.

Table service and increased digital ordering options are part of the company’s “experience to the future” renovation. Presently, nearly five thousand restaurants fulfil the qualification and McDonald’s has plans for transforming nearly all the restaurants by 2020.

The restaurant also emphasizes on remaking its image sustainability. It has got more than seventy trees at the ground level and has also got on-site solar panels.

The restaurant was designed by the Ross-Barney Architects—a Chicago based company. Although not every McDonald’s would be looking this glassy and classy—however, the combo of more tech, table service and an emphasis on sustainability provides a blueprint of what the fast-food giant wants to launch throughout America.

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