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First Of Its Kind Digital Urdu Dictionary Is Launching Soon

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According to a press release under National History and Literary Heritage Division (NHLHD), Urdu Lughat (Dictionary) Board is ready to launch digital Urdu dictionary by the end of this month.

Adeel Abbas Jafri head of Urdu dictionary board told media that all the necessary work has been completed and sent to Google for approval in order make the app available in different application stores. He said we will also create a web portal for Urdu dictionary in order to facilitate users on the desktops.

Official told reuters that a significant portion of software development and proof reading has been done on this, there were 70 people working on this project and they have completed the project in the given time frame.

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He further added that, “Urdu Languages” a largest Urdu dictionary which consists of 22 volumes is already published. We are now just digitizing the dictionary for internet and mobile app usage. We have completed this project under the supervision of special assistant to Prime minister Irfan Siddiqui.

Both ministry of information and Broadcasting and National Heritage has recognized the need for revival of Urdu language, Urdu is our national language and we have to preserve it, though English has become a common medium of communication and gained widespread popularity in almost all sectors including education, business, social and government but the fact is, it also diminishing the reliance and dependency of Urdu language, he said.

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