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Mobile internet users in Pakistan reached over 40.56 million in April 2017: PTA

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Pakistan is no less than any other nation. At least, not when it comes to mobile internet usage. The number of internet users over a mobile phone is drastically booming. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has to record a groundbreaking 40.56 million internet users over a phone in April 2017.

And if we dig deep, the results show that mobile internet is mainly used to connect with family and friends using social networking apps like WhatApp and Facebook. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts like Parvez Iftikhar and Noman Said also have to say something like this. According to these experts, people either use the internet to contact their closed ones or use YouTube.

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Parvez said on an occasion:

Anecdotal evidence suggests majority of the people are using the internet to share video clips on WhatsApp and visit YouTube.

With the number rising up, the mobile companies need to strengthen their technology and provide the best to stay ahead. In addition to the mobile operating companies in Pakistan, social networking and video sharing apps both can bring new ideas and compete with the already existing apps in the market.

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Parvez also noted that women of today are also moving towards this hi-tech. They use YouTube as the key source of dramas.

The second highest usage of internet is watching drama serials, mostly by women.

According to PTA, last year the number of mobile internet users stood at only 22%. This year, the number has shown a good increase of 7%. The authority also noted that there are around 976,600 mobile internet users per month. This figure out value the monthly mobile subscription of 703,617.

With the huge rise in mobile internet subscriptions, mobile operating companies in Pakistan are in great need to improvise their system of connecting people over the internet. This would result in huge benefits for both i.e. the users and the mobile operators. And the government would also see a rise in their profits making a better economy of the country.

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