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First Third-Party Apps Now Available On Android Auto

Android Auto

Google announced a month ago that it would open the Android Auto platform for third-party applications. After the search engine company had made a corresponding library available, the developers can now publish their apps.

With Android Auto, Google wants to create a platform that can be used to bring important smartphone apps to the infotainment display in numerous car models. So far, however, almost exclusively apps developed by Google have been supported. Only recently, the search engine company announced that in the future, software created by third-party providers should also run in combination with Android Auto.

Initially, the opening should be limited to navigation, parking and charging apps. At a later point in time, Android Auto could also be used by third-party applications from other areas.

At the beginning of March, Google made the complete Android Auto app library available as part of the Jetpack developer library. This enables software providers to adapt their applications for Android Auto in less than a day.

Apps are available in the Google Play Store

As Google writes in a blog entry, the developers of apps from the three areas mentioned now have the option of offering their applications adapted for Android Auto via the Google PlayStore. Several quality guidelines must be observed and followed. Developers should also check their apps with the test library. The first test versions have already been published and can be downloaded from the PlayStore.